Indulge in the therapeutic world of online coloring with Color by Number, a browser-based game that transforms your screen into a canvas of creativity. No need for messy art supplies—simply click and color your way to relaxation and artistic satisfaction.

In Color by Number, you’ll discover a vast selection of intricate and charming coloring pages, from mesmerizing mandalas to adorable animals and stunning landscapes. The gameplay is simple yet immersive: just follow the numbered cues, each representing a specific color, and watch as your masterpiece comes to life before your eyes.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or someone seeking a mindful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, this game offers a perfect blend of art and leisure. You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, directly in your web browser. Share your finished artwork with friends, or keep it as a personal accomplishment.

Experience the joy of creativity and relaxation with Color by Number, and unlock the artist within you, one click at a time. Play now and let your imagination run wild.

Color by Number
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