Dead Plate seamlessly blends the genres of RPG, horror, visual novel, and tycoon simulation to deliver a unique and captivating gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the eerie world of Dead Plate, a short 2D restaurant tycoon-themed RPG horror game set against the backdrop of 1960s France. Navigate a gripping story filled with visual novel and point-and-click elements, combining culinary creativity with a spine-tingling atmosphere.

Standout features include the haunting atmosphere that sets Dead Plate apart, plunging players into the ominous ambiance of 1960s France. The game’s visuals, sound effects, and music work seamlessly to create an unsettling environment that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

Engage in restaurant tycoon mechanics, making crucial decisions that impact the unfolding horror narrative. Balance the demands of running a successful establishment with the lurking darkness threatening to consume your culinary dreams. Immerse yourself in a captivating story with visual novel elements, filled with intriguing characters, unexpected twists, and morally challenging decisions.

Explore hauntingly detailed environments through point-and-click mechanics, solving puzzles, gathering clues, and navigating the eerie world of 1960s France. Follow playing instructions and winning tips, managing your restaurant wisely, paying attention to details, and understanding that choices matter in shaping the story.

In conclusion, Dead Plate offers a must-play experience for those seeking a thrilling and immersive adventure. Its outstanding features, from the haunting atmosphere to the narrative depth, promise a journey that blurs the line between culinary passion and unspeakable horror. Face the demons lurking beneath the surface and discover if you have the resilience to survive the darkness that awaits in Dead Plate. Are you ready for this unique blend of terror and tycoon simulation? Only time will reveal your fate in this sinister culinary tale.

Dead Plate
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