Welcome to F is for Funk mod FNF, a mesmerizing online rhythm game that ventures into the spine-chilling realm of the renowned Creepypasta Red Mist, brought to life by the imaginative mind of randomless. Prepare to be awestruck!

Meet Squidware, an unappreciated virtuoso of the flute, and follow his musical prowess through four hauntingly beautiful songs: “Painful Truth,” “Somber,” “Fill Tool,” and “Interstellar Feces.” Each composition weaves an atmosphere of eerie allure, combining rhythm and suspense in a truly unique way.

Immerse yourself in a mysterious narrative that unfolds with every beat, as you decipher the enigmatic secrets behind the haunting melodies. Navigate through challenging gameplay sequences that will test your rhythmic skills to the limit. F is for Funk mod FNF promises an unparalleled fusion of captivating storytelling and rhythmic gameplay, guaranteeing an unforgettable and hair-raising adventure. Get ready to lose yourself in this dark symphony and let the haunting show commence!

F is for Funk mod FNF
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