In FNF B-Sides Redux mod, there is a very difficult battle between Tankman and Boyfriend, who want to prove to each other that they are cool musicians. BF is a very talented guy, but his opponent can also rap well. He has participated in musical duels more than once, so he has enough experience.

How to play?

FNF B-Sides Redux mod will differ from version 1.0 with the appearance of new characters and musical compositions. Tankman has never been in a B-Sides mod before, but now it’s his turn. You need to defeat all the participants, and for this, prepare your fingers for a serious test. You need to catch all the arrows that will fly up. If you start missing musical notes, then one of the opponents will defeat you and you will have to go through all the levels again. Warm up your hands and fingers so you can move them more dexterously as you play. Good luck.

FNF B-Sides Redux
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