This FNF BOTW: Link’s Memories mod is based on the love story of two elves who cannot meet at the moment and therefore are sad for each other. The guy wandered through a deserted park and, seeing a bench in a cozy place, briefly imagined that his beloved girl could be sitting next to him. Unfortunately, these were only fantasies on which the first stage of this game will be built.

In the second stage of FNF BOTW: Link’s Memories mod, he will sit with a very sad face and sing a sad song alone. He needs to cheer up, and this can only be done by catching all the flying arrows on the screen. When we cope with this difficult task, the guy will receive a sweet message from his beloved, which will definitely cheer him up. Have pity on the young elf so that his sadness will be dispelled like dust in a strong wind.

FNF BOTW: Link’s Memories
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