In the new FNF Boyfriend vs Senpai (Cherry Blossom Date) mod, two guys will suddenly fall in love with each other. This is an unexpected turn of events, because BF has always loved his Girlfriend, who will not be in this game at all. The boys met in the park and decided to be together, away from prying eyes.

How to play?

FNF Boyfriend vs Senpai (Cherry Blossom Date) mod will be very cute, especially when the guys take each other’s hand. The music here is very gentle to match the romantic setting. When the two characters met, it was warm sunny weather outside. They wanted to have fun and, having a background in singing, decided to get into rap. Many fans of these young guys love it when they sing together at the same time. If you want to participate in this musical battle, then rather press the “Play Now” button. Good luck and good mood.

FNF Boyfriend vs Senpai (Cherry Blossom Date)
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