In the cool FNF BPM (Turn-Bass) mod, PaRappa the Rapper will be your rival in a musical duel at the gaming table. The game has three difficulty levels, so you can play with any skill level. Also you are waiting for five game modes, from simple to difficult. Play online with your friends and become the best FNF player.

FNF BPM (Turn-Bass) is a mod that you can play against your friends or alone. The game developers are constantly adding new levels, and also provide the opportunity to play in tournaments. As the game progresses, you will come across various music tracks that you have to perform. In case of successful completion, you can get additional points. If you don’t sing the song, the game will be lost. Here you have to show all your abilities and skills to win. To do this, there are multi-colored arrows on the playing field, with which you will control your character.

FNF BPM (Turn-Bass)
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