FNF Broke (Bite Cory Mix) – A Refreshing Twist to a FNF Favorite. Friday Night Funkin’ fans are in for a treat with the FNF Broke (Bite Cory Mix) mod. This mod takes the already popular song “Bite” from the game’s VS Ourple Guy week and infuses it with new energy and personality, thanks to the inclusion of YouTuber CoryxKenshin.

The remix features a blend of electronic and hip-hop beats that give the song a unique sound. CoryxKenshin’s vocals bring a fresh perspective to the track and add a new layer of depth and emotion to the lyrics. With his exceptional rapping skills, he perfectly matches the rhythm of the song, making it an enjoyable experience for listeners.

What sets the FNF Broke (Bite Cory Mix) mod apart from other FNF mods is its high-quality animation. The mod features an animated version of CoryxKenshin performing the song in a bright and colorful setting. The visuals, coupled with the music, make for an immersive experience that captures the essence of Friday Night Funkin’.

Overall, the FNF Broke (Bite Cory Mix) mod is a refreshing twist to a popular FNF song. It showcases CoryxKenshin’s talents and breathes new life into an already excellent track. If you’re a fan of the game or the YouTuber, this mod is a must-try. It’s an excellent addition to the Friday Night Funkin’ community and a testament to the creativity and talent of modders.

FNF Broke (Bite Cory Mix)
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