If you want to find your best Friday Night Funkin character in FNF Character Test Playground Remake 2, activate it quickly. There will be more than thirty participants to choose from, with whom you can conduct various experiments, ranging from their appearance to the selection of sound effects.

How to play?

FNF Character Test Playground Remake 2 is designed specifically for fans of Friday Night Funkin, so they can decide on the choice of their main character. After activating the character, you can look at his appearance and learn about all his superpowers. To do this, go to the settings, where certain blocks with settings and controls will be displayed. After leveling the character, save all the selected characteristics and go into the game for testing. If you want to arrange a musical battle with this character, then find a suitable FNF mod with his participation on our website.

FNF Character Test Playground Remake 2
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