In FNF Cheated (BF vs Darnell & GF) mod you will fight with a competitor who decided to take your girlfriend away from you. Here you and your opponent will take turns performing the same song, but in different styles. You must be the first to sing the song in the correct style.

FNF Cheated (BF vs Darnell & GF) mod has three difficulty levels. The higher the level, the more difficult it is to play and the time it takes to complete the task increases. To win, you will need to show your skills and ability to sing. Throughout the fight, you will have to sing as well as possible so that the enemy cannot outwit you. If you win, the girl will stay with you. In the game, you need to rap cool into a microphone, and not listen to music. You can only sing one verse at a time, and your opponent can sing two.

FNF Cheated (BF vs Darnell & GF)
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