FNF Darkness Takeover (Family Guy x Pibby) is a high-effort work-in-progress mod for Friday Night Funkin’ that takes players on a thrilling and action-packed adventure through the world of Family Guy as they face off against the terrifying Pibby virus. The best part? This mod can be played directly in your browser without any downloads required.

In this mod, players join the team of survivors as they fight off the corrupted ones in a race against time to save their beloved town from the Pibby virus. The mod’s characters, including Peter Griffin and other well-known Family Guy characters, have been given a unique makeover that adds to the mod’s overall aesthetic and feel.

The mod’s soundtrack features new and exciting songs that perfectly capture the dark and eerie atmosphere of the mod. The music, combined with the mod’s unique visuals, creates a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience.

The overall design of FNF Darkness Takeover (Family Guy x Pibby) is visually stunning and adds to the mod’s already high level of excitement. Players will love the high-energy gameplay, intense music, and unique character design that this mod has to offer.

In conclusion, FNF Darkness Takeover (Family Guy x Pibby) is an exciting and action-packed mod that is perfect for players who are looking for a thrilling adventure. The mod’s unique take on the world of Family Guy, combined with its high-energy gameplay and unique character design, make it a must-play for fans of both Friday Night Funkin’ and the hit TV show.

Made by MiniSymba (Director), Weednose (Co-director, Main Composer), ZuuNuzz (Co-director, Artist, Promo Artist), Revenant (Concept Artist), Bandit (Artist, Vocal Designer), Soldier (Charter, Concept Artist, Story Help), AlexTeaMan (Animator, Artist), majinbee (Artist), PizzaPogg (Artist, Musician), CheeseMaxi (Animator), ColdTea (Animator, Artist), King Daniel (Musician, Artist), Sad Grunt (Main Icon Artist), RVG (Charter, Artist), HotRacer652 (Charter), bigchungamong (Charter, Vocal Designer), ADA (Source Coder), Latter (Lua Coder, Charter), TheRealMessy (Musician), Crashy (Musician), MikeyKitten (Animator), Yoosuf Meekail (Musician), F4 (Animator, Artist), Conehat (Musician), Sapphire-Modder (Animator, Artist), KRM (Animator, Cutscene Artist), Crotheon (Former Dev) and Dul (Former Dev).

FNF Darkness Takeover (Family Guy x Pibby)
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