In the new FNF Dorkly Sonic (Funkin’ for Hire) mod, cool characters will rap and compete for the title of the best. Who will win? Everything depends on you! Host a rap contest to determine the winner. Use the keyboard to control your character. Show the character’s movements with the keyboard when you rap. Don’t forget to use your speed to win the competition.

In FNF Dorkly Sonic (Funkin’ for Hire) mod you have to play the role of one of the heroes. Your task is to create your own beat and record a song that you will perform along with other characters. Create tracks, experiment with beats and add various effects to them. In this mod you can show all your skills in rap battles. Can you defeat all your rivals? Try to verify this! You will perform on stage where you will be judged by the audience. Your opponent will have a lot of experience in rapping, so you need to try hard to win. If you like rap games, this mod is definitely for you.

FNF Dorkly Sonic (Funkin’ for Hire)
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