In FNF El Chavo del 8 T2 (BETADCIU) game, you have to use all your vocal abilities to win the battle. Before you is a battlefield on which to fight. At the bottom of the screen is the main character’s health bar. As you kill opponents, it will fill up. When it fills up, the hero will lose part of his life, and you will have to make every effort to win.

In FNF El Chavo del 8 T2 (BETADCIU) mod you can prove yourself as a singer and show your vocal skills. And also you can choose the best opponent with whom you have to fight. An unforgettable musical competition awaits you in the FNF game. You can choose your enemy who will fight to defeat you. Defeat your rival and become the best rapper!

FNF El Chavo del 8 T2 (BETADCIU)
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