FNF Flashpoint Funkin’ is an exciting mod for Friday Night Funkin’ that takes players on a nostalgic trip back to the glory days of Flash gaming. This mod is all about challenging players with some of the toughest Flash games of all time, including “The World’s Hardest Game”, “The Impossible Game”, and “The Impossible Quiz”.

The gameplay is intense and challenging, with three new songs that will push even the most skilled players to their limits. Each song is inspired by one of the aforementioned Flash games, with unique rhythms and beats that are sure to get players grooving.

The graphics and sound design are also inspired by classic Flash games, with pixelated visuals and chiptune-style music that will transport players back to a simpler time. The mod is a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern gameplay, giving players a taste of the past while still feeling fresh and exciting.

FNF Flashpoint Funkin’ is a must-play for fans of Friday Night Funkin’ and classic Flash games. The mod offers a unique challenge that is sure to keep players coming back for more, and the nostalgia factor is a welcome bonus. So dust off your old Flash games and get ready to groove to the beat of FNF Flashpoint Funkin’!

Made by Rivermusic_ (Musician, Artist, Coder), DatDavi (Musician), EthanTheDoodler (Musician) and Bungerrr (Charter).

FNF Flashpoint Funkin’
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