The musical battle for FNF Henry Stickmin D-Sides mod is heating up the gaming community. This work-in-progress mod for Friday Night Funkin’ adds a D-Sides twist to the Henry Stickmin week in FNF VS Impostor. The mod has been released as a demo, featuring one song called Titular.

The mod offers a fresh and exciting take on the classic Henry Stickmin week, with almost everything redone in the D-Sides style. Fans of the original game will be blown away by the updated graphics, music, and overall gameplay.

The Titular song is an intense and fast-paced battle between the player and Henry Stickmin. The D-Sides mod takes this battle to a whole new level, with complex and challenging beats that will test your rhythm and timing skills.

The mod’s developer has promised that more content will be added to the mod in the future, making it even more exciting and engaging for fans of the FNF universe. The Henry Stickmin D-Sides mod is a must-play for anyone looking for a fresh and innovative take on this popular game.

In conclusion, the Henry Stickmin D-Sides mod for Friday Night Funkin’ is an exciting addition to the FNF community. With its unique D-Sides twist, challenging gameplay, and impressive graphics, this mod is sure to impress fans of the original game. Be sure to check it out and stay tuned for more updates in the future.

FNF Henry Stickmin D-Sides
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