Immerse yourself in the rhythmic world of FNF Hypno’s Lullaby D-Sides (Xatu), an electrifying online game that takes the Friday Night Funkin’ experience to hypnotic new heights! Join the musical showdown as you face off against Xatu, the mesmerizing antagonist, in a battle of beats and wits. Navigate through a visually stunning and surreal landscape filled with hypnotic visuals that sync seamlessly with the pulse-pounding soundtrack.

Engage in a dynamic musical duel where precision and timing are your keys to victory. The game offers a unique blend of challenging gameplay and immersive storytelling, drawing players into a hypnotic trance of rhythm and sound. Unlock new levels, face increasingly formidable opponents, and discover the secrets hidden within the musical notes.

FNF Hypno’s Lullaby D-Sides (Xatu) promises an adrenaline-fueled experience for rhythm game enthusiasts and FNF fans alike. With its innovative gameplay mechanics, mind-bending visuals, and a soundtrack that will keep you grooving, this game is a must-play for those seeking a fresh and exhilarating take on the Friday Night Funkin’ universe.

Get ready to test your musical prowess, challenge your reflexes, and succumb to the hypnotic beats. Play FNF Hypno’s Lullaby D-Sides (Xatu) now and embark on a rhythm-filled adventure like never before!

FNF Hypno’s Lullaby D-Sides (Xatu)
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