In FNF Lost My Mind mod, classic Sonic takes on Xain in a musical rap battle for existence. An evil creature has taken possession of the hedgehog and is tormenting him from the inside. To overcome it, you must always be concentrated and never allow yourself to relax.

How to play?

FNF Lost My Mind (Sonic VS Xain) mod will be accompanied by a very dynamic musical accompaniment, corresponding to the mood of the protagonist. The classic hedgehog will sing its first verse, after which the demon will start making its scary sounds. You must definitely win so that Sonic stops suffering and his life becomes normal. You need to carefully listen to music in order to rap on time and to the beat. Watch the arrows on the screen because they will fly very fast. It is advisable not to miss a single arrow.

FNF Lost My Mind (Sonic VS Xain)
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