Stylish FNF Mommy Long Legs mod (Poppy Playtime) is able to captivate you from the first minutes! This is one of the most exciting music games, because in it you need not only to clearly beat the rhythms on the keyboard. This is an exciting love story in which you have to help a guy in love get permission to date his beloved. Her father is very stern and formidable, and he is not ready to endure any gouging around his beautiful daughter. In the past, he is a world rock star, and therefore the hero of the game has only one way to this girl. You need to surprise your father and rap to a trendy tune without a single mistake.

How to play?

In FNF Mommy Long Legs mod (Poppy Playtime) you can test your sense of rhythm. All you need to do is to get in time with the music and try not to miss a single moment. Otherwise, the victory in the musical battle will remain with the opponent and the hero in love is unlikely to be grateful to you!

FNF Mommy Long Legs mod (Poppy Playtime)
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