One of the latest mods to gain popularity in the Friday Night Funkin community is the “One Last Funk” mod, featuring Sonic.EXE characters in a musical battle against the game’s protagonist, Boyfriend. This mod introduces two new songs, “One Last Funk” and “One Last Round,” both of which offer an exciting and challenging gameplay experience.

In the mod, players take on the role of Boyfriend as he faces off against Sonic.OMT, a variant of Sonic.EXE, in a high-stakes rap-battle. Sonic.OMT taunts Boyfriend with his rhymes, but the player must keep up with the beat and come up with their own bars to defeat him.

The pixelated graphics in the “One Last Funk” mod are eye-catching and add to the retro aesthetic of the game. The character designs are faithful to their Sonic.EXE counterparts, with Sonic.OMT sporting a menacing grin and devilish eyes. Meanwhile, Boyfriend looks determined to emerge victorious and win the musical battle.

Overall, “One Last Funk” is a fun and challenging mod that adds to the ever-growing list of Friday Night Funkin mods. Fans of Sonic.EXE and retro-styled games will enjoy the mod’s catchy music and engaging gameplay.

FNF One Last Funk (Sonic.EXE One Last Round)
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