This FNF mod will take you to Pasta Night Casino where BF, GF and Pico will play cards and rap at the same time. Many spectators will gather near them to watch the game and listen to the amazing singing of these guys.

FNF Pasta Night (BF GF Pico + Girls Night Out!) mod is very colorfully depicted, where three strong opponents gathered at the gaming table to compete. It is clear that BF and GF will play mutually, as they love each other. Their rival Pico will not relax for a second, because his authority in the company of dangerous bandits is at stake. In the background, you will see that all the spectators present are not ordinary and very influential guys. They closely monitor every movement of the participants in this battle so that no one cheats. Good luck.

FNF Pasta Night (BF GF Pico + Girls Night Out!)
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