FNF Pervert Problem is an electrifying online game that brings together the contagious energy of Russian TikTok and the nostalgic charm of The Fixies. Dive into a world where rhythm and quick reflexes are your key to victory. As the protagonist, you step into the shoes of Tom Thomas’ dad, the beloved character from the renowned animated series. Embark on a wild musical journey as you encounter a peculiar predicament—a swarm of mischievous perverts has invaded your city, threatening its harmony. With your trusty microphone in hand, engage in thrilling rap battles with these audacious foes, proving that your rhymes are mightier than their mischief. Immerse yourself in a vibrant and visually captivating environment, where each beat you nail amplifies the crowd’s excitement. As you progress, unlock new tracks that showcase an eclectic fusion of Russian TikTok trends and the infectious melodies from “The Fixies.” Stay in sync with the rhythm, unleash your inner rap sensation, and restore peace to your city in this one-of-a-kind, rhythm-based adventure. Get ready to groove, rap, and reclaim your neighborhood in FNF Pervert Problem!

FNF Pervert Problem
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