In order not to lose in FNF Skid & Pump vs Roy (Candy Bars) mod, you will have to demonstrate your vocal talent, as well as use all your vocal abilities. To win, you need to score the most points in the allotted time. If you can’t win, you can simply sing along to your hero’s melodies to get a bonus.

In FNF Skid & Pump vs Roy (Candy Bars) mod, you have to choose a strategy that will help save the main character from certain death. It will not be easy, but the victory is definitely worth it. Each participant in the musical battle has unique abilities that you can appreciate while playing this game. Do not forget that you will have to fight with many opponents who will not just give up. At each level, you will be asked to fight a certain number of opponents.

FNF Skid & Pump vs Roy (Candy Bars)
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