The girls decided to frolic and arrange an FNF musical battle. It all started when Skyverse met Skyblack for tea, but then they got bored and wanted to gather a group of their friends. Soon there were more of them and the fun was not long in coming. The girls turned on their favorite music and sang with their beautiful voices. These very capable vocalists always attract attention, and they also know how to dance cool.

FNF Skyverse Saga: Skyblack mod will be easy, because our heroines have friendly relations and no one harms anyone. Sometimes they quarrel, but after that, a truce quickly solves all problems. Beauties often arrange musical battles between their own teams, but only to have fun or work out. Since they often give concerts, preparation must be mandatory so that skills and artistry are not lost. If you are in a good mood, then you can connect with any of the girls and try to control her in this game. You may sometimes not be able to catch all the arrows at once, but over time you will become a pro in these competitions.

FNF Skyverse Saga: Skyblack
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