Ready for another epic Friday Night Funkin battle? Get your fingers ready and turn the sound up to full blast. Now it’s going to be hot! Welcome to the world of Super Sonic. This guy is known throughout the gaming world for his super speed. He can run a huge distance in just a few seconds. Not everyone can boast of such abilities! But today the young hero will have to test himself in a completely new role.

How to play?

Sonic the Hedgehog will fight in an FNF musical duel with his distant relative named Santiago. Only dexterity and lightning-fast reaction will help you cope in this unusual confrontation. To defeat your opponent, you need to repeat all the arrow combinations that appear on the game screen during your character’s party. If you do everything right, you will win. If you make a lot of mistakes, you will lose. Good luck!

FNF Sonic VS Santiago
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