In the new FNF Unemployed mod, the evil Benson has decided to challenge the talented young Boyfriend! Join the battle and play on the side of the BF, giving him all kinds of support.

How to play?

In FNF Unemployed (vs Benson), the outcome of this battle will depend on your talents and skills, so try to do everything at the highest level. Those who have been playing this music simulator for a long time can immediately start the battle, and for beginners, a test game is recommended to help you understand the principle of the game and develop the necessary skills. It will not be easy for you if you have a bad reaction speed, because first of all you will need to keep up with the arrows dynamically flashing on the screen by pressing the corresponding ones on the keyboard. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win right away. Just practice a little!

FNF Unemployed (vs Benson)
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