Meet the fierce rapper in FNF vs Flippy Flipped Out V1 mod who will sing and brandish a knife with a crazy expression. This tactic of behavior is characteristic of this character, because he lives in a world where all the inhabitants are in constant danger.

How to play?

In FNF vs Flippy Flipped Out V1 mod, you must catch all the flying arrows so that Boyfriend does not lose. If this happens, then his opponent will morally humiliate him, and may also come to the use of physical force. Our protagonist is not a coward, but still we do not want him to get into a dangerous situation once again. Practice before a performance to get used to the keys and blend in with the music playing. If you catch the arrows in time with the melody, then the BF will have a great chance of winning.

FNF vs Flippy Flipped Out V1
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