In FNF vs Friday Night Crunchin v2 mod, you will control Boyfriend, who became a cult singer among all professionals last season. Your opponent Trollface will try to win this rap battle, as he has been seriously preparing for it for a long time. BF also did not waste time and regularly trained, and also participated in competitions.

How to play?

Play FNF vs Friday Night Crunchin v2 mod carefully, because your opponent is very cunning and can give Boyfriend a lot of unpleasant surprises. In order not to get into trouble, you must always be prepared for the worst scenario. When Trollface uses some kind of tricky trick, react to his attack in time. You need to merge with the music that will play throughout each round in order to deftly capture the musical notes. If you miss a few musical chords, then your strength will drop to a minimum level and you may lose. Keep your main character in good shape to win this rap battle. Good luck.

FNF vs Friday Night Crunchin v2
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