The world of rhythm games just got a lot more intense with the musical battle for FNF VS Gangsta Mario Jumpman mod. This thrilling new mod pits Boyfriend, the beloved protagonist of the popular game Friday Night Funkin’, against a version of Mario that looks like he stepped right out of the gritty world of Grand Theft Auto.

In this epic rap-battle, players will have to keep up with the beat as Boyfriend and Gangsta Mario Jumpman trade verses, trying to outdo each other in a musical showdown for the ages. The mod features one demo song, which is sure to get players grooving to the beat.

But that’s not all that makes this mod special. It also features cool new designs for both Boyfriend and his girlfriend, making the experience feel fresh and exciting. Fans of both Friday Night Funkin’ and Super Mario Bros. are sure to love this mashup of two beloved franchises.

So if you’re ready for a challenge, and want to experience the thrill of battling against one of gaming’s most iconic characters, then be sure to check out FNF VS Gangsta Mario Jumpman mod. With its high-energy beats and exciting new designs, it’s sure to be a hit with rhythm game fans everywhere.

FNF VS Gangsta Mario Jumpman
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