Meet the iconic characters from Geometry Dash in a new dynamic FNF Friday Night Dashing mod featuring incredibly challenging flying combat. Our main character Boyfriend will be chasing an evil square who may have done some bad deed. He should get what he deserves, but in this FNF game, the worst punishment for him would be losing the musical battle. BF is a master at such things, and he will gladly create an inhospitable environment for this yellow criminal.

How to play?

FNF vs Geometry Dash (Friday Night Dashing) mod starts with the most active music track, and its plot will be similar to racing battles, in which Boyfriend will act as a good policeman. His partner GF will also take part in the chase, because she wants to be always close to her beloved. Together they will surely defeat this enemy, and after that justice will prevail. The rhythm in this FNF mod will be very fast and some players will not be able to keep up with it. It takes a long time to train to achieve such experience in rap battles like BF.

FNF vs Geometry Dash (Friday Night Dashing)
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