FNF vs Impostor (Defeat D-Sides) is an online mod that allows players to experience the high-intensity D-Side version of the popular song “Defeat” from the FNF vs Impostor mod. The best part? This mod can be played directly in your browser without any downloads required.

The gameplay of FNF vs Impostor (Defeat D-Sides) is challenging and requires players to have fast reflexes and good timing. The mod’s characters, including the impostor, have been given a unique makeover that adds to the mod’s overall aesthetic and feel.

The mod’s soundtrack features a new and improved version of the original “Defeat” song from FNF vs Impostor. The D-Side version of the song is faster-paced and more challenging than the original, making it a true test of players’ skills.

The overall design of FNF vs Impostor (Defeat D-Sides) is visually impressive and adds to the mod’s already high level of excitement. Players will love the high-energy gameplay, intense music, and unique visuals that this mod has to offer.

In conclusion, FNF vs Impostor (Defeat D-Sides) is a fantastic mod that is perfect for players who are looking for a challenge. The mod’s unique take on the popular “Defeat” song, combined with its high-energy gameplay and unique character design, make it a must-play for fans of Friday Night Funkin’ and the Impostor from Among Us.

Made by Herox_ (Director, Charter), SaszyTheS (Animator, Artist), Deltom (Composer), boom knight (Change Stage Event), EzikUwU (Artist), cerealcrerel (Animator), SonicTheFunker (Miss Limit Script) and VS Impostor Team.

FNF vs Impostor (Defeat D-Sides)
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