Boy JoJo, whose popularity has skyrocketed thanks to his incredibly exciting Brazilian adventures, wants to become even more famous. To this end, he decided to go against Boyfriend during his next fight. The guys are very musical, and each of them is determined to win, which promises a hot battle.

In order to guarantee himself an honorable first step on the podium of winners, Boyfriend asks for your help in the battle not only with JoJo, but also with other antagonists who are waiting for their entry into the musical ring. The sequence in which they do so will determine the game mode. There are 2 options to choose from, in one of which all fights will go in strict sequence, and the second will allow you to randomly select opponents for the boy. Once on the musical ring, focus all your attention on its right side, where only Boyfriend is located, but arrows of different colors appear. They take off to where the template is. When combining two identical arrows, you need to repeat this by pressing on the keyboard. This will allow you to get points and support Brayfriend.

FNF vs JoJo Bizarre Adventure [JJBA] Mom mod
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