In FNF VS Lord X & Starved Squidward (Hit Single Real), prepare for an electrifying showdown as two unlikely foes collide in a rhythm battle like no other. Join the fearless protagonist, armed with his trusty microphone, as he faces off against Lord X, the notorious antagonist from the Sonic PC Port series. Lord X, created by JoeDoughBoi, brings his diabolical charm to the world of Friday Night Funkin’, challenging players with his menacing songs Cycles, Hellbent, Gatekeepers, Gotta Go, Judgement, Fate, and Execution (now removed).

But the battle doesn’t end there. Enter Starved Squidward, a surprise addition to this musical clash. This unexpected character adds an extra layer of intensity and excitement to the gameplay, forcing players to master new rhythms and keep up with the pulsating beats.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing visuals, as the vibrant and dynamic backgrounds react to the music’s cadence. With only three songs currently available, this mod set, curated by the talented Churgney Gurgney, delivers a concise yet thrilling gaming experience.

Can you prove your rhythmic prowess and outshine these formidable opponents? Step onto the virtual stage, synchronize your every move with the music, and claim victory in FNF VS Lord X & Starved Squidward (Hit Single Real). Get ready to tap, sing, and groove your way to triumph in this unforgettable battle of the beats!

FNF VS Lord X & Starved Squidward (Hit Single Real)
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