FNF vs Neckles – Unfortunate Disaster mod introduces Mobian Boyfriend as the protagonist who faces off against the formidable Neckles. In this unique mod, Girlfriend is nowhere to be seen, and it’s up to BF to defeat Neckles. The character design of Neckles is peculiar as he looks like a palm tree with a Sonic-like appearance, making the mod even more intriguing.

The storyline is set off the coast of Angel Island, where a mysterious star named “Little Star” appears. The locals soon discover that the star’s extreme radiation has caused abnormal side effects to the animals on the island. Neckles is one of the beasts affected by the star’s radiation, and he poses a significant threat to Mobian Boyfriend.

Players are challenged to help Boyfriend survive against Neckles and the other radiant beasts. With Girlfriend missing, it’s up to BF to take on this formidable foe alone. Can he defeat Neckles, or will he succumb to the radiation’s side effects?

The FNF vs Neckles – Unfortunate Disaster mod offers a unique twist to the original gameplay, making it an exciting experience for players. The mod’s storyline and character designs are impressive, adding to the mod’s overall appeal. Whether you’re a fan of the original FNF game or just looking for a fresh challenge, this mod is definitely worth checking out.

FNF vs Neckles – Unfortunate Disaster
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