Experience a musical showdown like never before in FNF vs Sun – Pico Fangirl FULL WEEK! This Friday Night Funkin’ mod introduces you to Pico, who’s about to face a wild encounter with a vivacious blonde named Sun. She’s not just any fan – she’s Pico’s biggest admirer!

As Pico and Boyfriend set out to enjoy a leisurely day together, a cozy cafe catches their eye. Little do they know, their peaceful outing is about to take a wild turn. Sun, the fervent Pico Fangirl, spots her idol and immediately sets her sights on becoming his girlfriend. But Pico isn’t ready to date just anyone, especially someone as unpredictable as Sun. It’s up to you to rescue Pico and Boyfriend from this eccentric admirer!

Get ready to groove to the beat as you face off against Sun in a battle of wits and rhythm. With songs like ‘Edgy,’ ‘Sun,’ and ‘Terrorize,’ the music will keep you on your toes throughout this electrifying showdown. Can you help Pico escape Sun’s clutches and prove your prowess on the dance floor? Find out in FNF vs Sun – Pico Fangirl FULL WEEK!

FNF vs Sun – Pico Fangirl FULL WEEK
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