In this challenging Friday Night Funkin vs Agoti mod, you have been chosen for a musical duel against an opponent who thinks he is a badass singer. He has an intimidating appearance, especially his large white eyes and sharp teeth protruding from his mouth.

How to play?

Friday Night Funkin vs Agoti mod will be challenging due to a very dynamic musical composition that has become a hit among FNF fans in a matter of days. Your rival has arrived from another world where there is only horror and fear. His hairstyle is like a flame that occurs when a light wind blows. He is very aggressive towards anyone who gets in his way because that is his nature. BF doesn’t have much luck in FNF vs Agoti mod with the opponent as he can hurt him and his girlfriend. Your mission is to give maximum protection to our main character by catching all the arrows on the screen.

Friday Night Funkin vs Agoti
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