In Friday Night Funkin vs Antipathy V1 mod, where the main opponents of the Boyfriend are Tricky and Hank, you need to be as focused as possible, because these guys are dangerous. They look very scary, and their inner world is filled with evil and hatred for our main character.

How to play?

Friday Night Funkin vs Antipathy V1 mod is divided into several difficult stages, in which the Boyfriend will take on the maximum attack from his rivals. You will need to immerse yourself in the world of FNF in order to become shoulder to shoulder with the main character. Listen to the melody and match musical notes to the beat so that the arrows on the screen do not fly by. They all need to be caught so that the Boyfriend’s standard of living begins to go off scale. If the level moves to the right, then the BF will lose. These nasty opponents need to be seriously rebuffed so that they understand that a rapper like Boyfriend is better not to mess with.

Friday Night Funkin vs Antipathy V1
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