The incredible adventures of SpongeBob and his friends are waiting for you, who will fight with the heroes of the FNF game to cool musical compositions. You will find yourself in the underwater world, where everything looks different, and the rules of behavior here are not the same as on land.

How to play?

In Friday Night Funkin VS Funkin For Bikini Bottom V1 mod, your main rivals are SpongeBob and his friend Patrick, who are very fond of singing and dancing. These are funny guys living at the bottom of the sea, who have many extraordinary friends. Smart squirrel Sandy also lives under water, making a lair in a glass dome. She breathes there, like on land, and when she needs to go somewhere, she puts on a wetsuit with oxygen. All these characters will take part in the rap battle, because this fun event is not to be missed. All of them are waiting for victory or defeat, and the result will be known only at the end of the battle.

Friday Night Funkin VS Funkin For Bikini Bottom V1
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