In this cool Friday Night Funkin vs Kapi mod, there will be a duel in a musical style with a character that looks like a gray wolf with a hat on his head. He is quite friendly and likes to sing different songs. Also his hobby is dancing which he will apply in this FNF mod.

How to play?

Friday Night Funkin vs Kapi mod will not make you sad, because a positive opponent will find a common language with the Boyfriend. Together they will enter the music scene and begin to delight the audience with their unusual performance. In FNF vs Kapi mod, you will control the BF, and your opponent will be Kapi. He had long wanted to try himself as a singer, and especially to compete with such a professional as Boyfriend. Be careful that the arrows do not fly out of the playing field, otherwise the beginner will defeat our main character. If this happens, then he will have to look his girlfriend in the eyes with shame.

Friday Night Funkin vs Kapi
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