In this Friday Night Funkin vs Tricky mod, you will fight against a dangerous and very cunning clown who wants to defeat Boyfriend not for the first time. His mission is to prevent our main character from being with his girlfriend. He, at the request of GF’s parent, came to this music scene to humiliate BF.

How to play?

Friday Night Funkin vs Tricky the Clown Mod will be very difficult, because the clown is quite an experienced artist and is not at all afraid of the stage. He feels confident and therefore during the competition you should not give in to him for a second. He is an insidious character and your every wrong move will be made for the benefit of your opponent. In the event that you miss a few flying arrows, your character will lose and the game will have to start over. Keep in mind that the musical battle will be difficult, so we recommend that you take a test before starting the real battle.

Friday Night Funkin vs Tricky the Clown
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