Ready to try yourself as a cool superhero? Then welcome to the My Hero Academia! This place trains kids with special abilities called quirks. People with quirks could become both on the side of good and on the side of evil. A person could easily use his abilities for bad purposes and harm people. To punish such villains, a My Hero Academia was created, where they trained the owners of special abilities.

How to play?

In Funk’s Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia) mod, you will meet a boy who was born without quirks. But inner strength and a sense of justice still helped him find a gift. The strength was given to him by the number 1 hero named All Might. And now you have to fight with one of the most powerful students of the legendary academy! BF will be your hero. Only he can challenge Izuku Midoriya, who we know as Deku from the popular anime. This young man is determined to win, and it won’t be easy to beat him. But Boyfriend is also not the last fighter in the music arena. Demonstrate miracles of dexterity and lightning-fast reaction to take first place in this fnf mod. Good luck!

Funk’s Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia)
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